Blizzard Bags


If there is a blizzard bag day between Jan 16-23, 2018 do this:

Calculus H
Scroll down and look at the two blizzard bag assignments listed. Do the blizzard bag assignment listed below under Day 1 Calculus H if you need more work on functions. If you feel like you would rather review more trig equations than functions you may opt for the desmos activity listed under day 2. Both assignments will be helpful in preparing for the final exam next week.

 C block class- this is a desmos  activity  that I had planned for early next week. We will do it as the blizzard bag and the assignments from this week will be bumped up a day. 

Watch these videos on conic sections:
Conic section introduction
Conic sections formulas

You can watch some of the other videos on this site as well. Before you go on the desmos site, be sure to have a formula page available, you will need it.

Go to and type in the class code TA5X2 and do the activities. Remember that I can see your screens on my end. This will be what gets graded.

Links to reference sheets:
Conic formulas reference sheet
Another conics formulas reference sheet

You can also look at pages 632-661 in your textbook. Please note that just like all other functions, the letter h is used for the horizontal shift, k is the vertical shift, a and b are used to change the "slope" or how fast the function changes, and in the circle equation r is the radius.

Geometry class

Semester 2

 Day 1
Watch the videos about the Pythagorean Theorem.
Do the kahn academy practice problems.
In your text book do p.819 # 7-16 and p 538 #2,16-18,34 to be handed in on the next school day.

Honors class only- Please reduce all answers to the correct square root form as well as giving the decimal equivalent rounded to the hundredth (two places)

Geometry- Pythagorean Theorem video
Geometry- Pythagorean Theorem video 2

Day 2
Link to the assignment for the 2nd blizzard bag:
Geometry blizzard bag day 2 assignment

online protractor to print if you need it

Pre-Calculus CTP class 

Day 1
Watch the video about factoring
Factoring video
In your text book do p851 #9,11,19,23,25,35,41-57odd,59-70all

Day 2
Watch the video about functions.
Pre-Calculus functions

In your text book do p51 # 48-56even,63-67all

Day 3

Watch the video on how to do logarithms, watch 3.3 to 3.4
Logarithms tutorial

Complete the following worksheet, ONLY pages 4-6
Pre Calculus Day 2 Logarithms

From your text book do p 308 #2-36even, 37-40all.

If after watching the first video you still need more instruction you can also watch these other videos about logarithms. Do the practice problems online for practice. You can also read the instruction pages in your text book.
khan academy logarithms
logarithm properties

Calculus H class Semester 1

Day 1
Watch the following videos:
Calculus functions
Calculus trigonometry

written assignment : In your text book
p. 35 #18, p36 # 6,14,18,30,32,46,47 p39 #10

This will be a good review for the final exam which is coming up in Jan.

Day 2
On your computer go to and type in the following code: H5WGW and do the activities given. I will be able to see your answers on my end.

AP CALC- Semester 2

Semester 2

Day 1
Go to the college board website, or use the link below to find the free response questions for 2012 and work through the solutions. You may contact each other to discuss how to do the problems or ask questions on this blog and I will give you hints as needed. I would expect that you all could do "part a" on all 6 questions. I hope that you could get most of the middle parts. I will be very impressed with you if you get the last part to any of the questions.
Here is a link to the problems:
2012 free response questions

It would be helpful if you timed yourself on the problems. On the real test in May you will have 90 min to do 6 problems. I would suggest doing the first parts to each question first and then going back to tackle the harder parts. Have fun!

BB Day 2

Blizzard Bag day 2:

Read through the course description and all the guidelines. Do all the practice multiple choice questions beginning on page 18. The first section is no calculator and the second section you will need your calculator to solve some of the questions. Show all the work that leads to your answer and/or write down what questions you have about how to solve the problems. Please indicate which problems you needed the calculator for. We will discuss the concepts and strategies on how to get the most mult. choice points in class.

Course description/mult choice practice

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